Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being a little bit in my own place...

I miss things that are my own, I miss my places!
Those places that I have shared with so many but keep on being mine.
I miss that place where I usually sit thinking about a thing at a time!
I need to walk, listen to music, feel that thick sand passing through my fingers and making them hurt.

My sand's place...

I have got to make a list of my priorities...
Things I must really do!

.Listen to music
.Study for university
.Smoke a few cigarettes
.Cook my specialities
.Think about the good things that I do
.Take pictures
.Watch television
.Organise a list of theatres
.Text a few people
.Bug my cousin on the phone

My priorities' list is still very empty.. If I feel like it I'll update it later.

I need to figure out the changes, I have always liked seeing the things changing. To understand what has really changed. To describe the change!

I know who I was. Yet I just need to figure out whom I am becoming and where I am going. Will I be able to stick with it?!



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