Monday, December 15, 2008

Between the lines

Just a quick update...
I have been extreamly busy in university so time tends to lack latelly.
Christmas time is here and I sure am happy to have a little time with my grandparents, my two cousins, their mom and my uncle.
Pedro (my cousin) and I are planning quite a celebration since it is close to the time my mom passed away. It will be difficult not having her around. It is difficult everyday but around holidays tends to get harder and harder. So the little 'celebreation's' porpose is to get our minds of that fact.
I hope everybody can cope this first year without her and be united!
For new years I'm going down to Vigloria, my friend Gaby's house in the south and spend some quality time partying and enjoying ourselves.

I have been messaging my friend Maya (from Virginia) back and forward and she asked me to promote a site for her little family business, so I've added it to the list of my favourite sites. Guys please check and promote because financial crisis reaches each and everyone of us. So lets give it some support.

As I said at the beggining this is just a little tiny update on things.
Whenever I have some time and feel inspired I'll probably write another entry on my journal.
So far this is all I have.

Have a nice Chritmas and a very happy New year!


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