Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello everyone!
I certainly haven't had the time to update this (as you might have noticed)
Busy university times.

There were a lot of changes in my life latelly but I guess I'll ramble about in some other post, since I need to collect my thoughts and organize them.

I do have a couple of things I want to share though:
  • Andrea and I thought that it would be cool to create a blog for our group of friend from university, and so we did. That blog includes dummie things we say that always have a double sense, silly jokes, dirty jokes... all sorts of things
  • My friend Tixa and I were chit chatting the other day and came to the conclusion that teenagers and young adults do care about a lot of things, specially the two of us. We argue about everything and anything that's happening around us throughout the world and we do care, we do have a point, we do have an opinion. So we thought about creating either a website or a blog where we can show you a little bit of ourselves and our concers. So that will be coming soon.
  • I have came closer to a couple of people in university and I feel great about it. I was never the girl who trusted people and I'm re-learning how to trust people again. I feel extremelly good about it though and I'm glad
Just one more quick thing before I go run some errands.

Life at times can be sour but it's filled with sweet moments.
I trully became a better person since I left behind some people and some old habbits. I learned that I could be the person I wwanted, not some robot that others would use.
The truth is that a little before my mom's death I was becoming a different person and with her death I kept becoming a different person. I was afraid of the changes I wanted for myself but it was what I wanted and kept moving forward. I owe a lot to my family but there are 3 people that were extremelly important along the way, along this process. They were Gaby, Tixa and Nuno. These three gorgeous people, on the inside and out were my trunk, my support. I often hear them saying things like 'I don't know how you handled it' or 'You're super strong' or 'I admire you for your strenght'...
Each of them shines in a very unique and different way.
I don't know how I've been capable of handling certain things and keep moving on. I can't imagine my journey since January 16th, 2008 without you by my side. I do know that some of my strenght came from you. Because of who you are. Our friendship didn't just happen 2 days ago. It has been a process, a test, a chapter at a time in our lives and we have been able to jump all of our personal obstacles and remain together.
We might not see each other for days, week, months or even years (as it has happened) but you do know when you have a true friend.
Our friendship is not monotone. It is funny, spontanious, invigorating...
It has been increasing since the very day we could consider ourselves friends. It never stalled and always increased and became stronger and stronger.
And giving it a thought I think I could describe our friendship and the way we relate with some famous characters in movies.

Gaby you have to be the Mushu to my Mulan. That little dragon reminds me of you. Funny, dummie but yet serious and respectful. Someone you know you can always count on. Our 5 years of friendship have been amazing!

Tixa, deary you're the Flaunder to my Ariel. You brighten up my days and I know I can trust you with my life if needed and you know I'd do anything to see you smile (even the stupidest things you know I'm capable of). These 4 years of friendship mean the world to me... Ireland rocks my socks!

Nuno you're the Jiminy Cricket to my Pinocchio. Sometimes I'm lost and without telling you, your words confort and guide me. You're one of my role models. I admire you a lot. Wow 18 years of friendship... It takes a long time to grow an old friend! You have a very special place in my heart and you know that.

Thank you for being who you are!


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