Monday, August 31, 2009

.Magnificent night.

Sitting on my aunt's balcony, in the dark, seems to bring me sort of a different prespective of life!
I've had one of the best summers of my life since my mother's death...And now, that it's coming to an end I took some time to analyse it.
The simple things in life make me so happy..Just looking away at all the beautifulness contained in a little town. From here I see a castle. It's lights sparkling softly, as if they moved. Little lights, ahead as I follow the night's horison with my eyes..lights that seem to sparkle like tiny fireflies. So pretty. I miss living here...
Beeing with (what's left from my torned apart family) was absolutelly brilliant and relaxing.
Enjoying the beach... watching the sun fading across the sea line... amazing!
I was able to come back to the little town I grew up in and will start meeting a couple of my friends tomorrow..And if I did believe in soul mates (which I secretly do) I'll be with him tomorrow night...maybe doing the exact same thing I'm doing right now...appriciating the beautiful start above us. Maybe the words I've been wanting to tell him for so long will finally decide to fly out of my mouth, even if he's next answer is a least I've tried!
Those are simple things that make me happy.

I'm looking at the sky right now and there's only one single star yet it's alone and shinning so bright. Who knows if it isn't my mom watching over me... I'd like to believe so even if it isn't!

I do dream. Smaller then I used to but I still do it.
Dreaming keeps my brain alive.
I dream of flying away from here and start a new life somewhere else with somebody else but always keeping my feet on the ground and always remembering who I am.
Keep singing. Writing and writing songs also makes me happy.
Remembering my mother helps me keeping a smile on my face when I'm down. I still remember her voice!

I can't even describe what I am feeling right now. But one thing I assure you. It's overwhelming..oh yes it is!!
A rollercoaster of emotions and memories. When remembering or thinking of something I even feel that little chill in my stomach, the same you get when ridding a rollercoaster...

I guess these could pretty much be the best moments of my life.
Afterall I am a very blessed and happy person.

I wish you all the best.



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