Monday, June 8, 2009

Bedtime Story

I should have posted this a long while back but I keep not having time to post it, so tonight I finally had a break and I'm uploading it here.
Since my english teacher, Katharine Hurlstone, didn't mind me posting university stuff on my personal blog (and I have no problems with people reading it) I'm posting on of our assignements.

Bedtime Story
May 11th, 2009


As I ate my breakfast I had a curious feeling that life would never go back again.
I am 20 years old now and I just moved out to live on my own, to start a new life.
Two days ago I was getting ready to leave my parents' home and I found a little diary where I used to write when everyday. It had some pictures of my brother Michael and me when we were children. It was strange to see me 12 years ago. I was such a cute kid. Long blond hair, wide open eyes, no front teeth, and in this particular picture I was wearing a white lacy dress, long white socks and a pair of black shoes. I was smiling. A wide open smile. Then I realised that by Michael and I was the person that came to change our lives. In a very sophisticated pose, holding her umbrella, a five foot, eight inches tall brunette, smiling. Mary Poppins was her name. After that picture I found an entry about her and started reading.

Dear Diary,
Today we met the most amazing person. She came flying holding na umbrella. Mummy and daddy said she's going to be our new nanny. Her name is Mary Poppins and according to her tape measure, she's practically perfect in everyway.
Our nursery was a bit messy and she taught us how to snap our fingers to tidy it up quickly. Michael thinks she's crazy but I think she's brilliant.
In the afternoon she took us for a walk and we met her friends Bert, who draws chalk pictures on the floor. Then at the count of three we jumped into one of the pictures. Mary won a horse race on a horse from a merry-go-round.
Tomorrow will be time for more adventure.

Jane Banks"

As I looked around during breakfast this morning, a familiar face was standing by a window. I recognised the tall, black flowered hat and the carpet bag. Feeling butterflies in my stomach I approched her. It was Mary Poppins.
And there we were, my fabulous nanny and I, sitting on my kitchen while talking about our lives that time itself changes. Filled with tears of joy we recalled my long lost childhood. Time seemed to stop and my childhood years were brought back on that rainy morning.


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